The magic of touching

The magic of touching - Men's club Casanova

The magic touch

     Miraculous peculiarities of the Thai body-programs have long been known. The beneficial effect is realized not only on the skin and muscles, but on the whole body. A significant impact of spa-procedures on the psycho-emotional state should be noted. With the help of our specialists you can achieve a balanced mood in a short time through the proper use of the latent energy. The beneficial effect of the Thaibody-programs can be regarded as complex, which determines their popularity and stimulates the development of different areas of the field. Thai massage helps release tension and increase vitality and helps creates wholeness of mind ,body and soul. Treat yourself with a relaxing and healing massage with its unique techniques of compression, deep stretching and gentle rocking.

The team is ready for your visit and can help you relax and get the energy flowing. The highest quality of service , our Staff,  their hospitality and friendliness  makes your day unforgetable!

*Quantity of the Guests are grows up in a  daily basic. Please, make a pre-booking of your visit.